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Below are the terms and conditions for the sales of Personalised Car Registration plates:

Selling a personal registration

The Seller of the registration number authorises us to advertise and sell the right to transfer the registration number to a Buyer that we shall find, at the price indicated and accepted in the written/emailed quotation provided. We will bear the cost of all advertising, administration and marketing of the number plate, subject to the Seller complying to the terms and conditions of their contracted agreement and thus at no cost to the Seller.

The Net payment made by us to the Seller of the registration number will be that already agreed in the quotation (unless the Seller makes a further reduction) or any lower offer agreed with the Seller prior to the sale by letter, email or telephone.

The Agency is valid indefinitely. It may only be cancelled upon written notice given by the Seller to us by recorded delivery prepaid post.

We will advertise the registration number on behalf of the Seller until a buyer is found, so it is the responsibility of the Seller to inform us immediately either by writing, email or telephone should they cease to be the owner of the vehicle that carries the registration number or if the vehicle is sold, stolen or destroyed or simply wishes the registration number to be removed from sale. The Seller must also notify us by writing, email or telephone if the vehicle which carries the registration number no longer has valid paperwork for a successful transfer.

The Seller must supply all relevant paperwork and documentation when requested by return post and must inform us immediately if there is any delay.

If the the number plate is on a vehicle:

We require the V5C registration logbook

The vehicle must be registered with DVLA in the UK

Be available for inspection

Be able to move under its own power

Be of a type that needs an MOT or a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) test certificate

Either have been taxed (or have had a SORN in place) continuously for the last 5 years

Your vehicle will need to be taxed if it has had a SORN for longer than 5 years. It might also need to be inspected

Or if the number plate is no longer on a vehicle:

either a V750 Certificate of Entitlement or V778 Retention Document

The Seller agrees to have his/her vehicle available for inspection by DVLA Swansea ( or one of their officers)  if required. (Please note the Chassis Number on the vehicle must tally up with the Chassis Number on the V5C Registration Document).

We will not accept any liability for any losses incurred by the Seller through delay from the slow arrival of documents by the Buyer or if the Buyer fails to go ahead with the transaction.

A Buyer shall be deemed to be found once we have received a part payment. It should be noted that we are under no obligation to check availability prior to a sale being agreed as the written/emailed contract from the Seller is confirmation of availability.

If the Registration Number is held on a V778 Retention Certificate or a V750 Certificate of Entitlement the Seller is responsible in providing the original certificate to us in order for us to arrange transfer of the registration and the document must be signed by the Grantee where indicated. The document must also be current, not expired.

If the Agency is not cancelled by the Seller and we find a buyer the Seller shall be liable to pay us their commission, as it is not fair that we should incur expense in selling a Registration Number that is not after all available.

Upon completion of the Transfer the amount payable shall be made to the Seller by us.  Where there is a donor vehicle involved in the transfer it is the responsibility of the Seller to purchase and fix new acrylic number plates bearing the replacement registration number to their vehicle after approval from DVLA Swansea and to notify their insurance company of the change of registration number.

The Secretary of State for Transport or their Agents, the DVLA (as keeper of the records), may at any time revoke the right to a registration number for whatever reason. In this event WE cannot be held liable. WE are also not liable for any changes in Government legislation. Current guidelines and legislation covering the transfer and sale of Vehicle Registration Numbers remains in force at all times.

Any complaints will be dealt with within 14 days and should be sent in writing and should be accompanied by your name and address details along with a telephone number. Please address for the attention of Mr Martin McLaughlin.

You can read the terms and conditions for buying registration plates by clicking here.

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